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70/30 Food Science and Technology

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70/30 Food Science and Technology makes functional plant- and mycellium-based ready meals and develops its own biomass protein. The company was founded in 2020 with a mission to improve human health and battle climate change by making healthy food convenient, accessible and affordable for all. 70/30's philosophy is that 70% of what we eat should be made up of a variety of plant-based whole foods, and 30% of our food should be fun. Since its launch, 70/30 has sold 25,000+ functional plant-based meals with zero advertising budget. 


About 70/30

  • Location: Shanghai, China


  • Market segment: Alternative protein,Health Food

Eve Samyuktha co-founded 70/30 Food Science & Tech in collaboration with two Chinese co-founders, one of whom is a chef with close to 20 years experience and the other is a social media and marketing guru. 70/30 Food Science & Tech is a maker of plant- and mycelium-based foods. They make functional ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meal products. After receiving incubation and advisory services from Dao Foods, the company launched operations in January, 2021 at China's commercial capital, Shanghai, and is quickly becoming a popular health food option for white collar workers.

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