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Blue Canopy

Blue Canopy

Blue Canopy helps food companies and restaurants formulate tasty and nutritious alternative protein products by supplying them with fermentation based alternative protein ingredients.  Blue Canopy aims to become the low-cost leader in the category by leveraging the advantages in its technology and scale. Cofounder/CEO Chenfeng Lu has been highly effective in aligning corporate R&D efforts with strategic plans to achieve a competitive edge in food and industrial biotech during his 12-year span of research career. He holds a Ph.D. in Food Microbiology from Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. Cofounder/COO Juchuan Zhou has over 20 years of leadership experience in commercializing fermentation and food products. His expertise including scaling up fermentations and solid-state fermentations. 

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About Blue Canopy

  • Location: Qingdao

  • Founders: Juchuan Zhou, Chenfeng Lu

  • Market segment: Alternative protein,Health Food

Chenfeng and Juchuan met and graduated from China's food science-focused Jiangnan University, and later reconnected with each other and co-founded Blue Canopy given their shared interest in alternative proteins and complementary experiences and skillsets from the food sectors in the US (Chenfeng) and China (Juchuan). Operating in Qingdao, Shandong Province of China, Blue Canopy supplies food companies with affordable, nutritious, and tasty protein ingredients for alternative meat products through traditional mycelium fermentation or their proprietary precision-fermentation processes.

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