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Peter (Ting) Yupangco, Founder & CEO, and Jason McIvor, Co-Founder & CAO of Saint Michael Foods, the world’s first and Canadian agritech food innovators, creates great tasting food and beverage using buckwheat that is marketed and sold under the BUCK™ brand.  BUCK is plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO made from buckwheat with short clean-label ingredients.   The culture of BUCK and its team is centered around People, Food, and Planet. 


About Buck

  • Location: Canada

  • Founders: Coming Soon

  • Market segment: Plant-based protein

Buckwheat is known as an environmental powerhouse that helps the planet by reducing greenhouse gasses, decreasing harmful chemicals on the soil, air, and water, and uses little water to grow compared to other plants such as avocados, soy, and oats.  Buckwheat grows on poor soil, known to be an organic fertilizer by farmers for naturally transforming poor soil into fertile soil that helps the next crop after buckwheat harvest to grow without the need of fertilizers. For thousands of years, buckwheat is a gluten-free superfood with many functional health benefits including helping improve heart health, manage diabetes, promote weight-loss, and support gut-health.   BUCK products are currently marketed and sold across Canada, United States, and Mexico and soon to be in Australia and New Zealand.

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More Information

  • Website: Coming Soon

  • Contact Info: Coming Soon

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