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Cultured Decadence is a Wisconsin-based cellular agriculture company using cell culture and tissue engineering to create seafood, specifically shellfish products, directly from cells. The company aims to produce a variety of products to help address the growing demand for nutritious, safe, and sustainable seafood worldwide. Cultured Decadence was acquired by UPSIDE Foods in early 2022.


About Cultured Decadence

  • Location: Madison, WI

  • Founders: John Pattison & Ian Johnson

  • Market segment: Alternative seafood

John Pattison, CEO, and Ian Johnson, CSO, co-founded the company to create sustainable seafood products that have a dramatically lower environmental impact and higher nutritional quality—and at a lower price point compared to current products. Increasing acidification and warming of oceans, overfishing, and a growing world population all contribute to the need for better solutions for producing high-quality seafood. Cultured Decadence's technology will utilize the cells of shellfish, such as lobster, to make real meat without the shell or organs, thereby offering seafood that's more sustainable, animal friendly, and indistinguishable in form and function from wild caught. Cultured Decadence is the first cross-border venture recruited by the Dao Foods Incubator. 


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More Information

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