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True Plants


True Plants yogurt aims to provide the most healthy and affordable plant-based products to consumers. It has 5 different series with more than 20 skus,there are drinkable ones and ones eaten with a spoon. Before the Pandemic, True Plants sold 60,000 bottles in a single RT-Mart in a year. True Plants is planning to setup mini-factories to expand to more cities. The founder, Miss Qiu, is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in consumer food products, having achieved 100 million RMB in annual sales for her previous food company.  Co-founder Hanna who is a marketing expert and worked for big FMCG cooperates and the well-known brand Oreo. She has been in the alternative protein industry for 6 years.

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About Fresh Foods

  • ​Location: Shenzhen (深圳)

  • Founders: Qiu MeiJun, Hanna Mao

  • Market segment: Plant-based beverages

Meijun Qiu is founder of Fresh Foods based in Shenzhen, China, whose flagship product True Plants is a new plant-based yogurt brand. Prior to Fresh Foods, Ms. Qiu successfully founded and ran a snack food company with annual revenue of approximately RMB100 million. By using plant protein raw materials and utilizing its patented technology, Fresh Foods develops fresh and nutritious yogurt with less sugar and 8 kinds of probiotics created through constant temperature fermentation. Its exciting and engaging line of products include plant-based yogurt, hand-made plant-based milk tea, plant-based milk-shake, plant-based cheese and other plants+ products. 

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