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Geb Impact Technology

Geb Impact Technology

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited is a biotechnology company in the business of cultivating selected micro algae. We engineer and design production processes to meet emerging healthy lifestyle market demands. ​With experience in advanced manufacturing and global marketing, we put forth a whole new paradigm by transferring the know-how in precision engineering and manufacturing technology to micro algae production.  


About Geb Impact Technology

  • Location: Hong Kong

  • Founder:  James Chang

  • Market segment: Biotechnology, Microalgae

James Chang co-founded Geb Impact Chang with CTO Dr. Wang Zhonghui to cultivate and ferment microalgae for alternative protein applications, including the high protein and highly efficient axenic Euglena dry biomass. Geb Impact has been awarded a grant from the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) under the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS). The funds will be used to support its project to develop its advanced fermentation technology to use microalgae to develop plant-based meat replacements. 

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