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Lohas Foods


Lohas Foods Pte Limited develops and produces hyper-realistic plant-based seafood products to end non-communicable diseases brought about by nutrient deficiencies and the impacts of climate change. Hyper-realism lowers consumers’ barriers to switch from seafood to plant-based seafood products.


About Lohas Foods

  • Location: Coming Soon

  • Founders: Coming Soon

  • Market segment: Fermented protein

Lohas Foods has a three-stage commercial strategy. Our texturizing ingredients, processing techniques and pursuit of hyper-realism is what sets us apart from the other startups. For the first stage, we develop hyper-realistic seafood products using commercial plant fractions, for the purpose of showcasing Lohas’s hyper-realistic competencies and texturizing techniques. For the second stage, we focus on Improving current textures or creating new textures by replacing or complementing with Lohas’s in-house novel plant fractions and texturizing clean label ingredients; includes proteins, starch and fibre with functional properties such as cold and hot binding, gelling, emulsifying etc. For the last stage, we create new textures,  new seafood formats and complete nutritional profile through the addition of Lohas in-house mycelium (obtained through the fermentation of edible fungi).

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