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Mr. Raw


Mr. Raw is a wellness brand, offering fresh, nutrient dense, and convenient plant-based products, mainly plant protein smoothies and cold-pressed juices, to fuel and heal people throughout the day.  We believe we are what we eat and we believe in the power of plants. and inspire an active and healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to build healthier communities, connect and inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle and make plant-based healthy drinks an integral part of every wellness journey, and at the same time to promote environmental protection and sustainability. With their own organic farm, the founders have benefitted from plant-based smoothies for years and aspire to share such products and lifestyle with more people. 

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About Mr. Raw

  • Location: Beijing, China

  • Founder names: Richard Ma and William Wang

  • Market segment: Wellness, Health Food

Richard Ma and William Wang are co-founders of Mr. Raw, a plant-based healthy lifestyle brand that provides plant-based meal replacement solutions for busy white-collar workers, fitness enthusiasts, and people interested in losing weight. Mr. Raw develops a range of nutrient dense products to meet consumers' daily needs including organic plant-protein smoothies, cold pressed juices, energy shots, nut milk, and vegetable and fruit fiber snacks, all derived from natural ingredients from its own organic farm and alliance of organic suppliers.

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More Information

  • Website: Coming soon

  • Contact: 13581769609

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