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A Look Back at Dao Foods' Ecosystem Building Efforts in 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The alternative protein market in China is growing, but it remains nascent, especially when compared to the more developed international markets. While tastes are changing, as its economy has grown China has also become the largest consumer of animal protein in the world. Today it is estimated that the average citizen eats roughly 60kg of meat per year. Less than the 120kg that those in North America consume annually, but spread across a population of more than 1.4 billion people this trend has shaped the demand curve for animal protein globally.

This reality is why Dao Foods, as part of its investments in alternative protein companies serving the Chinese market, is committed to developing the ecosystem of related companies and investors in China. Yes, investment is important, and we continue to actively pursue and support entrepreneurs who are building this market for China. But a growing industry needs more than just capital. It needs help. It needs a platform on which they can bring like-minded entrepreneurs, potential employees, future customers and investors today in order to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Global innovation work that has already been done can help speed the advancement of the Chinese market. It needs input, support and help from external actors to get there. That’s where Dao Foods comes in.

This year we have participated in and sponsored a number of ecosystem building efforts to help build that network, including 10 themed events in 2022. Dao Foods’ physical footprint covered five cities in mainland China, including the top three largest city clusters, and we have reached an audience of more than 40,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, industry insiders and others this year. Overall, Dao Foods has contributed nearly 500 hours to live field preparation and presentation work to support our ecosystem building efforts. These events include:

Live Stream with SIAL: February 2022

SIAL China is the leading food and beverage conference organizer in China, hosting events all over the country. In addition to one-off events like this live stream, since 2000 SIAL has hosted SIAL Shanghai which serves as a launchpad for food and beverage companies looking to expand abroad. As one of the largest food industry events in the APAC region, it is a place where valuable insights and trends are shared and exhibitors and buyers connect.


  • 20,964 attendees


  • 218 alternative protein brands and investors

  • 18 food and beverage industry media outlets in attendance

  • 40+ WeChat groups actively promoted the event

Webinar Co-Hosted with Ringier Events: March 2022

Ringier Events is a leading B2B industrial information provider in China, Asia, the Middle East and Africa that publishes 29 print and online manufacturing industry publications, sponsors events, and connects buyers and suppliers in Asia with the rest of the world to the mutual benefits of all parties. This particular webinar, where Ringier engaged Dao Foods as a co-host, focused on the three alternative protein sectors – plant-based, fermentation and cell cultured – with a representative company from each.


  • Dao Foods delivered a keynote speech and hosted the entire webinar

  • Eight expert presenters

  • 3,000+ webinar views

  • Online participants gave great feedback

Alternative Protein-Focused Column in Top Marketing: April 2022

Top Marketing is the most active media outlet in China covering FMCG industry trends, and Dao Foods partnered with them on a series of articles on alternative protein featuring leading investors, startup founders and industry consultants. The column became one of the most shared and authoritative studies of the whole industry in 2022.


  • 19 interviews

  • 21,600 views from Top Marketing

  • 15,490 view on other partner sites

  • 37,090 views in total

“See the Innovation” Live Streams: May-July 2022

Dao Foods co-hosted with FFL a series of livestream events titled “See the Innovation,” focusing on promoting alternative protein startups to investors. Among the featured guests were two non-Chinese founders who shared their international point of view on alternative protein with the Chinese investors in attendance.


  • Four total episodes

  • Multiple one-on-one conversations

  • 984 investors in the audience

GBA Boot Camp: July 2022

Dao Foods hosted its 6th Boot Camp in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) to accelerate alternative protein development in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. There were speakers from the capital markets, food services, academic and entrepreneurs from the alternative protein industry.


  • 13 speakers

  • 700 participants

  • A 700% increase in participation from 2021

Demo Day at TsingHua ZJ: August 2022

Three Dao Foods portfolio companies participated in the Demo Day hosted by Yangtze Delta Region Institute of TsingHua University, Zhejiang. While there, the host made a commitment to Dao Foods to offer an alternative protein focused event in the near future.


  • The day included a visit to F&B industrial Park in ZJ

  • Participants also visited the Institute of Food & Health to discuss technical cooperation

  • Spoke to local government for grant and support

EIR Forum: September 2022

During the forum, Dao Foods presented a foodtech session designed to educate the audiences from the food industry and research institutions to get more “first adopters” for alternative protein.

● Three FoodTech partners

● Seven portfolio companies joined

● 70% of the audience was from the foodtech industry


Upcoming Events

Veggie World, NanJing - Dec.18th-20th

Dao Foods and its incubated companies will have a booth at Veggie World 2022, a plant-based focused exhibition, in NanJing. Last year the event attracted more than 12,000 attendees and 150+ brands from over 40 countries.

FoodDaily Expo, SuZhou - Nov.29th-Dec.1st

The FoodDaily Expo is hosted by leading food and beverage exhibitor Food Daily and includes 3,000+ products and 200+ speakers. Dao Foods will host an Alternative Protein Form at the exhibition.

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