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Dao Foods Incubator Launch

50万开启你的植物基事业 500k RMB to Start Your Plant-Based Business

Entrepreneurs Wanted! Apply to China's First & Only Incubator for Plant-based Ventures

近几个月,国际餐饮连锁店例如Wagas、新元素、Papa Johns,甚至肯德基和星巴克都已经在其中国连锁店里加上了无肉选项菜单。餐饮服务行业也不得不迎合大众不断变化的口味,即越来越多的人比以往任何时候都更偏向于植物性食品。

In recent months, China has seen international food and beverage chains such as Wagas, Element Fresh, Papa Johns, and now even KFC and Starbucks, bring meatless options to their menus. The Chinese foodservice industry is now having to cater for changing tastes, which are increasingly favoring plant-based options more than ever before.

Author: Cliff White

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Originally Published in: SeafoodSource

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