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Dao Foods on the Vegan Startup Podcast

Co-hosted by Simon Newstead and Kat Kaverzine, the Vegan Startup Podcast is dedicated to featuring the founders that are changing everything from food to fashion. As its hosts describe it: "We know first hand that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. For every success there’s a lot of tough decisions, iterations, setbacks and more. But we know the potential to grow the plant-based and clean meat sectors are enormous, and necessary if we are to have a sustainable and ethical food system. This podcast is our way of contributing, and helping to accelerate the movement and get more folks involved building successful ventures."

Dao's Albert Tseng recently appeared on the program to discuss the historical, current and future market potential of China, as well as the potential global impact. He also dove deeper into some of the startups leading the way, the Dao Foods mission and approach, the government’s attitude towards the industry and more.

Said Albert: “It’s been a journey, it’s obviously still a nascent market in China but we’re starting to see more entrepreneurial activity. What we hope to do is build an army of entrepreneurs, and a very diverse set of entrepreneurs that are using different methods, different products, different approaches and target markets within China to really build the ecosystem.”

Listen to the episode

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