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Mr. Raw: China's First Plant Protein Smoothie Brand

Mr. Raw offers fresh, nutrient dense, and convenient plant protein smoothies. This is the first plant protein fresh-made smoothie brand in China.

Founder Richard fell in love with plant protein smoothie when he was in America , he is a fitness slasher who exercises everyday. Richard realized that smoothie help a lot to keep healthy and energetic . When he back to China ,he just could not find such a good product which is just not right, so he made his mind to found Mr. Raw.

The best ingredients makes the best smoothie, by using organic vegetables and fruits of geographical indication, nuts, seeds and super foods, and recipes are developed by very experienced Chinese and US food experts. In the meantime, juicing technology is also the key of good smoothies, taking every details, along with his team, Richard opened their first R&D studio in Beijing.

Mr. Raw’s modeling is to have one flagship store in one city, coupled with satellite small pickup stores close to or in office buildings and residences which have the most potential consumers. And copy the same in other cities ,such as Shanghai ,Guangzhou through franchise.

Mr. Raw approaches to consumers via variety ways, the collaboration with gyms, beauty clinics, outdoor events as well as company catering already makes Mr. Raw quite famous among certain clients .


Outdoor events:

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