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Starfield Promotes Alternative Protein’s Role in China’s “Double Carbon” Goals

Starfield Food & Science Technology, a plant-based venture from the Dao Foods portfolio, recently teamed up with China’s Xinhua News Agency to take lead in working with a group of various partners, including Chinese agriculture industry organizations and government agencies, to produce a new report analyzing the climate impact of traditional agriculture in China and the carbon reduction potential of plant-based meats and other alternative proteins. The effort was inspired by China’s “dual carbon” goal, announced in 2020, to reach its carbon emissions peak before 2030 and become carbon neutral before 2060.

"At present, the series of strategic plans and policy measures issued by the state are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural food system led by the concept of large food, targeting green and low carbon,” said Huang Jiazhang, director and chief scientist of the Plant Food and Nutrition Policy Research Center of the Institute of Food and Nutrition Development under China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. “The increased focus on nutrition and health have provided a rare historic opportunity for the development of the plant protein industry. Under the guidance of government policies, academics, consumers, and others will be able to increase technological innovation, improve product quality, tap the potential of carbon reduction, and improve green consumption awareness all while promoting the healthy development of the industry.”

Read the full post and download the report (in Chinese).

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