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Tencent: 道夫子食品张涛:中国植物基食品应用场景更多,创业机会更多“好的植物基创业项目,首先要能吸引年轻消费人群。”

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Dao Foods Zhang Tao: China has more plant-based food application scenarios and more entrepreneurial opportunities.

One of the shareholders of Beyond Meat (BYND.O), New Crop Capital has invested in more than 35 companies in the field of plant-based foods.

In 2015, New Crop Capital established a US$70 million investment Evergreen Fund, focusing on investing in food start-ups that can replace protein. In February 2018, DaoVentures and Moonspire Social Ventures, two investment institutions from China and Canada, jointly formally established Dao Foods International.

"Finance Graffiti" recently had an exclusive conversation with Zhang Tao, co-founder of Dao Foods, founder and managing director of Dao Ventures. He believes that Chinese consumers have not fully understood and recognized plant-based foods, but the Chinese market is driven by diverse consumption scenarios, and there are still great opportunities for entrepreneurship.

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