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The State of Chinese Alt Protein: Fall 2022

Shanghai-based 70/30 is set to launch the first mycelium-based meat products in China later this year

Mycelium—the root structure of mushrooms, which is being used for meat, leather, and other sustainable applications—has not yet seen widespread commercial success as a protein alternative. But 70/30’s new vegan chicken shreds made from biomass fermented protein will be a first for China. Learn more

Blue Canopy’s founder Q&A with Shenghui Agri Tech

Founder and CEO Dr. Lv Chenfeng of Blue Canopy spoke about the products and technical characteristics of Blue Canopy’s fermented protein products. "Compared with the cultivation of animal cells, the cultured conditions of fungal fermentation are ‘simple and extensive’ and the growth cycle is very short, so the cost and efficiency are greatly improved. The company's solution reduces the precision fermentation culture cycle from 1-2 months to 2-3 days, increasing efficiency by 10-20 times.” Read the interview

Shanghai Protain

Using by-products left over from food processing as raw materials, the company is working to develop plant-based foods while also cutting down on food waste. It’s using recreated soybean residues, fruit and vegetable residues and wine lees for making plant-based cakes, chocolates and even salad dressing. In an interview with the New Consumer Creator column, founder Xu Ying said, "Food processing by-products are mostly part of food, and they also have high nutritional value. With the professional strength of the team and innovative technical means, we can produce raw materials from food, and finally return to the concept of food, develop healthy food, and promote sustainable development.” Read more

Geb Impact + Eiyoka Algae

The two companies (Geb Impact is a Dao Foods Incubator Cohort 2 company) teamed up in September to present a full dinner featuring only microalgae-based dishes prepared by some of the finest chefs in Hong Kong. Look at what they created

Plant-Based Proteins as Beauty Products

Mr. Raw is working with JOOMA to launch a plant-based protein drink that does double duty as a beauty product. Their promise? Beauty from the inside out. Drink a bottle to enjoy anti-aging, antioxidant, skin enhancing benefits. Learn more

An Interview with ProTi Food Tech Founder Yu Jianzhong

In the 1980s, one ton of microalgae could sell for more than 300,000 yuan (~US$42,000), but now, they are only 30,000 yuan (~US$4,200) per ton. Practitioners are inevitably confused. How should it be used? Where should it go downstream? Yu Jianzhong believes that the fundamental problem is that the cost of microalgae production is too high. “So, what we paid attention to before was not the proteins in microalgae, but other active substances in microalgae. Based on the concept of alternative and innovative proteins, we have thought of comprehensive development to separate proteins from their active substances in microalgae. Active substances can be used in the market of healthy food and pharmaceutical markets, and the proteins can be used in the general food market.” Read the conversation

WOW Kids and Zero Limit Team up on Plant-Based Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese folk festival that celebrates autumn and, among other rituals, involves eating moon cakes, watching lanterns rise into the sky, admiring the moon, etc. The mooncakes served at this time symbolize happy family reunions and carry different messages in different regions, cultures and eating habits. This year WOW Kids and Zero Limit partnered to create a variety of mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn festivities. They were a hit

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