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True Plants: Plant-Based Yogurt

Miss Qiu founded True Plants in 2019, before that she has been a food industry entrepreneur, most recently running a snack brand called BaiJiaZan with yearly sales volume of 100 Million RMB.

True Plants are purely plant-based, solves the problem of lactose intolerant consumers in China and Asia. True Plants yogurt is rich in probiotic bacteria and dietary fiber, has zero cholesterol, no trans fatty acids and low sugar.

Based on market feedback, True Plants have developed a variety of flavors, with the most popular being strawberry, mango, passion fruit and jasmine tea, even coffee flavor, with different kinds of base such as coconut, oat and soy. Besides , True Plants has different type of yogurt ,it can be drinkable or solid ones.

Ture plants spent 4 years on R&D to make a better product , and they gained a high reputation from clients such as RT-Mart(a national chain supermarket) , Croissants de France(a national chain bakery) and a bunch of local restaurants. The repurchase rate reached as high as 75% and satisfaction survey says 85% consumer love the plant-based yogurt from True plants.

True plants owns its yogurt ingredient factory and they are also applying for a patent for the the core tech . To meet bigger clients demand , True plants decided to manufacture ready to eat yogurt by establishing Mini-factories.

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