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Wow Kids: Alternative Dairy for the Chinese Market

Anna Yang is the founder of Wow Kids. She has had over 20 years experience in the education industry, developed hundreds of educational products for kids, trained thousands of teachers across China reaching over 300,000 primary school students. In the meantime, Anna had over 10 years branding and management experience serving multinational companies. With the passion for food, she also gained a senior nutritionist certificate.

Co-founder Dr. Zhang Bo got his Ph.D. in pharmacy from the University of Bath in the UK. Just like Anna, he is a serial entrepreneur too, over the past 15 years he has been focused on scientific development of nutritional products. Dr. Zhang Bo was the founder of several consumer brands here in China, including a successful protein drink for athletes.

Anna and Dr. Zhang Bo made the decision of establishing Wow Kids, because of their shared love and care for children -- Anna is a mother herself who has raised a daughter, and Dr. Zhang Bo is a father of two kids. With the development of food science and people’s enhanced knowledge of health and environment, they have come to realize the shortcomings of traditional dairy products particularly for kids, including issues like lactose intolerance, bad digestion, allergy, and diarrhea, not to mention various related negative environmental impacts. Food and sustainability are deeply linked so they think that to properly educate the market, they should start from children so they will grow to be people with a strong sense of sustainability.

Wow Kids was established in 2020, and they have shown strong and fast growth because of the team since then. So far, Wow Kids has finished several rounds of product market trials: for over 120 adults in Shenzhen and Shanghai at the China Next-Gen Good Food Boot Camps hosted by Dao Foods. In Beijing, Hubei province, and Guangdong province, they have tested the products with over 150 children and parents, of which 90% loved the products and expressed willingness to pay.

Wow Kids has forged a partnership with Roquette, who is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetable proteins, to ensure great product quality. Wow Kids has launched its online store. Additionally, it has also approached convenient stores near residential areas, schools and hotels as their target clients.

Here is a domestic media feature on Wow Kids by FBIF, which is one of the biggest F&B innovation media outlets in China.





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