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ProTi Food

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ProTi Food Tech is a technology company developing alternative protein food products with microalgae and microbial resources. Utilizing gene engineering and high throughput screening technology to acquire protein rich strain of microalgae and yeast, and achieving industrialized production with fermentation technology. ProTi aims to provide ready-to-use new protein ingredients to both food companies and consumers.


About ProTi

  • Location: Linhai, Taizhou 临海,台州

  • Founders: Mr.ZHANG Bingquan, Mr.YU Jianzhong, Mr.FAN Gang

  • Market segment: Microalgae and microbial protein ingredients

The company has made technological breakthroughs in engineering algae/strains. It has achieved good technical precipitation in the fermentation and processing technology links, realizing small-scale production, and is now establishing a pilot-scale production line. The three co-founders include two experienced Chinese serial entrepreneurs in the microalgae space and a food science professor specializing in microbial fermentation. They have rich R&D experience in strain development, equipment engineering, fermentation technology and product development, as well as proven track record in industrialization, production operation and global market development.

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