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Superfood ingredient company comprised of a team of food scientists and business experts that is committed to converting previously underutilized by-products into high value ingredients. Created a process for upcycling soybean pulp (Okara) by-product into sustainable food ingredient that is rich in dietary fiber and protein and can be used as a superfood protein ingredient in a portfolio of healthy products, especially in bakery foods (muffins, cookies, snacks), non-fried chips, chocolate, plant-based cream, etc. Completed the design of the product production process and currently selecting equipment for pilot production, collaborating with upstream companies to standardize collection of soybeans, and working with food companies to test applications in plant-based bakery, chocolate and explore potential application in drinks. 

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About Shanghai Protain

  • Location: Nanjing

  • Founder names: Ying XU, Qiqian ZHOU

  • Market segment: Alternative protein

Ying Xu co-founded Shanghai Protain, a marketing expert, and a finance executive. Based out of Shanghai, the company has created a process for upcycling soybean pulp (okara) from food processing into sustainable food ingredient powder for a series of healthy food products. 


Qiqian Zhou co-founded Shanghai Protain, a food scientist in healthy foods development. In her current role at Protain, she leads a team to create key technologies, and has made outstanding achievements in the high-value utilization of by-products.

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Media Coverage


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More Information

  • WeChat: 普诺汀食品

  • Website: Coming soon (网页没有,有公众号,加在上面了)

  • Contact:

  • President, Founder许颖

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