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ShiShen Food Technology

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ShiShen is a plant-based snack food company, combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) ‘Food as Medicine’ ingredients and concepts together with modern food technology in their attractive and convenient consumer products. Each of the three co-founders has decades of experience launching popular consumer food products in China (Cup of Noodles, Campbell's soup, BESTORE, etc.) and have deep relationships with major traditional and e-commerce retailers.


ShiShen uses novel protein ingredients extracted from traditional Chinese herbs, removing its off-flavor with proprietary hydrolysis technology while maintaining its health function. In the form of popular Chinese snacks, ShiShen’s products provide customers with a healthy high protein density food with no compromise in taste or flavor.

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About ShiShen

  • Location: Shanghai, China

  • Founders: Denis Zhu, Mr. Li, Mr. Chen 

  • Market segment: Plant-based snack foods

Denis co-founded ShiShen Food Technology in collaboration with three other food industry veterans in China. Based in Shanghai, ShiShen has a traditional Chinese medicine background and has been working with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop their plant-based food products. This unique product methodology aligns with China's traditional culture of medicine and food having the same origin and the current functional food trends in China.

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Media Coverage


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More Information

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