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Zero Limit

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Headquartered in Shenzhen, Zero Limit is focused on developing plant-based baking dedicated to satisfying modern consumer choices with healthy and guilty-free products.  Coco is the founder of Zero Limit, who is a senior nutritionist and young mother of two. She led the team to set up China's first plant-based bakery factory in 2018, currently produces breads, cookies, cakes & desserts as well as souvenir products. Cracking into the market with a F2C model, Zero Limit developed a lot of sales channels such as we-media platforms, farms, schools, compounds etc. The repurchase rate reaches 30% and the annually growth rate is about 40% in recent years.

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About Zero Limit

  • Location: ShenZhen深圳

  • Founder:  Coco Li

  • Market segment: Plant-based protein


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More Information

  • Website: 公众号 :耘珂

  • Contact: 134 1796 9816

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