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August 25, 2020

Dao Foods Co-founder Tao Zhang speaks to Bloomberg TV about Food Security in China, and argues that alternative proteins is an important part of the future of food in China.
(discussion of Dao Foods at 7:24min mark):



August 3, 2020




Plant-Based Business Hour

June 18, 2020

Albert Tseng and Tao Zhang of Dao Foods join me to discuss creating Next Generation Good Food, growing a crop of innovative entrepreneurs and a pre-destined (do the numbers!) plant-based China.  


June 3, 2020


Dao Foods Incubator Launch

May 2, 2020

50万开启你的植物基事业 500k RMB to Start Your Plant-Based Business

Entrepreneurs Wanted! Apply to China's First & Only Incubator for Plant-based Ventures

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Business Insider

March 12, 2020

New Crop Capital and Dao Foods Invest in Chinese Alternative Meat Venture Starfield

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May 21, 2020

Impact investor Dao Foods International is one of the key players in the new protein revolution currently taking part in China. Along with its investment partner New Crop Capital, Dao Foods has launched an incubator project for plant-based startups and entrepreneurs, whose first cohort has the potential to make a huge impact in Asia.


Fortune: Global Tech Forum, Guangzhou

November 8, 2019

How This Entrepreneur Is Selling Plant-Based Foods in the World’s Number 1 Meat-Eating Country

Tao Zhang @ the Fortune Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou


Dao Foods International Launch

February 20, 2018

Impact Investor Coalition Seeks to Bring Plant-Based and Clean Meat to China

Dao Foods was founded by experienced impact investors and social entrepreneurs Tao Zhang and Albert Tseng, in collaboration with New Crop Capital, a specialized venture capital fund. which has made investments in over 30 of the most innovative companies in the alternative protein space worldwide.

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